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The aim of this post is to gain design inspiration and ideas from what others have already done, some times its best not to reinvent the wheel and see what others are doing to make there designs work.

Sometimes you can take an idea such as how the navigation looks or how the page has been separated in to different sections and build on this to produce your own variation or new concept.

I’ve managed to compile various websites that look particularly interesting and have certain design elements to get designers thinking about what they could include in there next design.

Points to consider:

  1. How the pages are split up, how the content is separated from other content e.g. a dashed line, change of colour
  2. How the navigation is structured and presented in the design.
  3. Colours that have been used in the designs

I’ve created Photoshop colour swatches of all the designs so if you feel that you want to play around with a certain colour you can download them here

I would be interested to know how other people analyse designs to get inspiration and what they look for Inperticular in a design, please leave a comment.

Most of these screens are based on a brown and earthy theme, most of the designs are not live sites and are just concepts, i thought it would be best to categorise any additional posts in this way to see how colours are used and what colours complement the designs.

Im not saying these designs are perfect and every ones a critic, but they have some cool design features that could be useful to any one wanting to get some good ideas.

All That Jazz

Info: View larger image | Designed by: cc-designs

Interesting Design Features:

  1. Dividing content with dashed lines, adding light sources to new sections to emphasise where new content starts
  2. Floral background adds interest as well as fading the background out in to solid colour.
  3. Making objects look like they are stacked on top of each other like paper with a slight dropdown.

Andrew Brown

Info: View larger image | Designed by: nextexile

Interesting Design Features:

  1. Realistic looking dirt with other features such as moss, others i can think of sand with shells.
  2. Leather textures with thread as well as dirt edges where grime collects.
  3. Metal, giving metal a shine makes it look more realistic and enchanting to look at.


Info: View larger image | Designed by: cutwater55

Interesting Design Features:

  1. Water marks on paper, and textures on textures, hear a blotched tea bag effect.
  2. Grime on the under and on the edges of images makes them look more 3D and gives depth.
  3. Hand drawn elements add a whole new perspective to a design that is mixed with photographs.


Info: View larger image | Designed by: hyar

Interesting Design Features:

  1. Notice board effect with cork background and torn paper edges.
  2. Cutting out images and placing at random like news paper clippings can add more interest to certain designs, cloud also be used for a fashion site.

Cerro Azul

Info: View larger image | Designed by: timedeiros

Interesting Design Features:

  1. Clear dirt textures and add extra detail to suit the theme in this case tyre marks for the quad bike.
  2. Old metal plaque nailed to wood frame, slightly at an angle, gives the impression its all been held together.
  3. Tattered paper with the logo dropping down from the top of the screen.

Design Studio

Info: View larger image | Designed by: ahmedzahran

Interesting Design Features:

  1. Showing bare brick can help attract more interest.
  2. cello tape making the design look placed on the wall.
  3. Add more colour to the design wit certain logical stains.

Euro Com

Info: View larger image | Designed by: ecp-pro

Interesting Design Features:

  1. Crosshatched and a deep shade around a container can give the appearance of a texture and depth.
  2. Grainy backgrounds give really good interest instead of plain black.

Factory Four

Info: View larger image | Designed by: z1ppy

Interesting Design Features:

  1. Subtle patterned background.
  2. dashed lines, cut here as if it was paper or cardboard with grunge edges.
  3. torn corners and edges to add extra interest to images.

Fear Tox

Info: View larger image | Designed by: feartox

Interesting Design Features:

  1. small details can play a big part, and make a design alot more interestign to explore.
  2. Creating a unique yet easy to use navigation system to fit the design.
  3. Add depth, colour and flow with vector elements.

Junk Design

Info: View larger image | Designed by: amandhingra

Interesting Design Features:

  1. Photographs that compliment the style of the design making it more life like.
  2. Doodles and little pieces of work that is not necessarily the main focus. Get your scanner and your pencil and make your own.
  3. Again an interesting navigation yet simple for the user to follow, tear up some paper or use some ones brush.

The Colour Swatches

All Colour swatches were made with Adobe Kuler and you can download all the colour swatches in this post here [7kb]

Don’t know how to load the swatches in to Photoshop or illustrator learn on veerles blog

How do you analyse designs

I would be interested to know how other people analyse designs to get inspiration and what they look for Inperticular in a design, please leave a comment.

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