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We Are Not Freelancers

While designing We Are not Freelancers we had one goal in mind. Our goal was to get featured on as many web galleries as possible.

This isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination, we had never achieved it before so why would we do it now? From start to finish this blog took about 8 days to create but I think of those 8 days I must have spent every hour of them on the design.

Why did we want to be featured on galleries?

Was it ego? Was it recognition?

It was a little bit of both.

But. The main reason was traffic and the spin offs of that. I strongly believe that if you are a start up blogger and you have a bit of a budget/time to play with you should really put a lot of focus into your design.

We managed to get featured on quite a few CSS galleries and the result was 2000 visitors per day for the first 5 days. That is a lot of visitors for a new blog.

A small selection of the featured sites are listed below:

That was only the start.

With that comes features on other blogs, We Are not Freelancers has been featured on many blogs for

Top this and Top that, best twitter birds, best headers the list can go on.


So getting featured is awesome, your ego gets stroked, your get recognition, you get traffic. But the most important thing is still to come:

SEO rankings… with all the sites we have been featured on, We Are not Freelancers has gained some serious back link horse power. We have put literally no effort into our SEO but, due to the amount of sites we have been mentioned on, our SEO rankings have been impressively boosted purely off back linking.

Get creative and then refine your design

So I highly recommend that you spend a bit more time on either getting creative or finding someone who is creative. We spent hours looking around, analyzing trends etc. We noticed that one popular trend which is under used is hand drawn designs. So we tackled it head on.

This isn’t the only trend out there which is under used. There are many, you just have to dig deep, discover a cool style get inspired, execute good padding, establish a grid structure and then refine, refine, refine.

If you are struggling a little then ask someone in the design world to have a look before you release it, people like Liam McKay are seriously friendly and helpful, Adelle Charles is another. Hell you can even ask me ;)

By doing so you will kick start your viewership in a big way which can only be a good thing for the future. Spend the time now and reap the rewards later, we spent many hours on this design but it not even close to the amount we would have had to spend on SEO’ing and hustling.

So what are you waiting for ladies and gents?!? Get cracking on an awesome design!

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David Perel

David Perel is the founder of South African web design company 'OBOX-Design'. He is also a co-host of the Web 2.0 Show 'From the Couch' and designer/author of the blog 'We Are not Freelancers'. David enjoys giving his opinion on anything happening on the web and is often not shy of speaking his mind online.

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