Create a stunning grunge background – A video Tutorial

With the release of my 300+ hi-res grunge texture pack i thought id do a nice quick simple video tutorial to create a stunning grunge background using the colours from a photo on deviant art and a texture from the texture pack,

The result from this method creates a cool background that could be used for the basis of a poster, showing off your work or as web site background etc. just add your own cool designs to the mix.

This is what we shall be creating:

Using the colours from “Be nimble”:


The Online Video tutorial

Watch the HD version here

Download Files

  1. Stock Image (deviant art link) Credit to anaritalanca on deviantart
  2. Slate Texture Right Click – Save As

Download Video Tutorial Versions

  1. HD Version (66 mb)
  2. ipod Version (20 mb)

A cool background made simple, if some one could test the ipod version for me and tell me what it is like that would be great as I don’t have an ipod, and I cant preview it that would be awesome. Thanks for looking and don’t forget about the RSS feed.