What Is a Website Redesign & How To Plan For It Effectively

Websites have become essential marketing tools for businesses and it’s mandatory to keep them up to date and fresh always. This can be justified with the help of the statement made by a Danish computer scientist, Jakob Nielsen: “A bad website is like a grumpy salesperson.”

This is where the need for website redesigning comes into the picture. Your website can never be static, but it should be constantly tweaked so that to be in sync with the changing market scenarios and specific customers’ requirements. This task is a bit challenging but can be easily executed with the help of a seasoned website design company.

Usually, entrepreneurs overhaul their entire web presence to ensure a better user experience, increased conversion, and enhanced online visibility. But the real challenge is to plan for it strategically and effectively. Let’s explore the top eight steps that you should take in order to make your web redesign project successful.

1. Determine The Right Time

First of all, you need to evaluate that when is it the right time to redesign your company’s website? Assess the overall look, feel, technology stack, content, fonts, images, videos, etc. If you find one or more than one of these elements outdated then it’s the right time for you to invest some money in revamping your site. Also, you also have to decide whether you are going for a mild redesign or a complete overhaul.

2. Research Extensively & Define Clear Goals

Before anything else, you need to create an early sitemap on the basis of SEO research and define specific goals for the website redesign. With the help of research, you can discover the areas of your website which needs improvement. Also, you can identify the pain points that your current and potential customers are facing. You should analyze the current web design and find out where it’s falling behind?

Document all your ideas and ways in which you want to improvise your web presence. You should also find out ways in which you can make the overall design of your website much more impressive and appealing.

3. Coordinate With The Head Of Design & Finalize The New Site Structure

In order to redesign your website efficiently, it’s mandatory for you to consult with the head of design. Mostly, they are occupied with making website updates that are tedious and time-consuming. But they will be the best person to advise you on how to find a better and efficient solution.

In addition, you can discuss and finalize the new site structure with the head of design. Also, you can have a comprehensive plan of what type of content are you going to incorporate in your site? How will you storyboard the entire concept? What will be the site layout? And, how a sample of the landing page will look like?

4. Gather Referrals & Involve The Major Stakeholders In The Project

Before moving forward, you have to get consent from all the stakeholders of your business. Show them the design layout that you finalized and get their feedback. Also, answer the initial questions they may have.

In addition, you should also seek referrals from the people in your network so that to find the best design agency. Research about those companies and filter the ones who built your favorite sites. Document all the potential design agencies and have an introductory meeting or a call with them.

5. Create The Project Brief

On the basis of your meetings and calls, you should create a brief of the redesign project that you can present to the agencies you finalized. The brief should be straightforward and contain a background of your company. Also, you should specify the goals of your project and target audience.

In addition, you can also add a few supporting materials such as the branding guidelines, storyboard, main marketing assets, sample landing page, etc. Moreover, enrich the brief by mentioning the websites that are developed with the vibe, look, and feel that you want in your revamped site.

6. Pick The Best Design Agency

After presenting the potential design agencies with the project brief, give them some time to come up with their ideas and designs. Collect all of them and have a discussion with the head of design.

You can select the firms that seem apt according to you by evaluating the proposals on different criteria: the portfolio, price, the content of the proposal, creativity, etc. Ultimately, choose the agency that is in sync with your vision for the redesign and also has a robust portfolio to prove their calibre.

7. Manage The Entire Project Efficiently

Once when you are done with choosing a design agency, have a discussion with them and decide the timeline and costs. Also, during the entire redesign process, you should be always willing to give answers to the questions and give reviews and feedback about design layouts. This responsiveness will only keep your project moving forward.

It is quite possible that in the redesigning process, you are also required to deliver design assets, choose high-quality imagery, plan a team photo shoot, etc. Also, you will be needed to be on your toes when it comes to transforming and incorporating these innovative ideas into the fully functional design.

8. Get It Accomplished Successfully

This is the most challenging part of the entire project – making sure that the redesign is aligned with your vision. You should get all your stakeholders involved in the progress and take their consent on delivery date and budget. But remember that it’s advisable to schedule a launching date that’s at least one month later than the date given by your design agency.

Review the design several times, be sure that it’s coming out to be what you actually expected. Then, decide a final launch date to publish the revamped website and make sure that you commit to it.

In this way, you have to plan for the redesign project very logically. Your website is the asset that has the power to evolve with your brand so make sure that it’s redesigned in the best way so that to provide the end users with a mesmerizing experience.

Webydo’s Providing More Creative Freedom For The Professional Designers Community

After swiftly establishing themselves as leaders in the web design revolution, online web design platform Webydo has just announced new pricing plans that cater to the more than 85,000 web development professionals who trust Webydo to power their work.

Having outgrown the boundaries of a one-size-fits all premium system, the new pricing structure reflects the diverse spectrum of development scenarios, and represents another evolution as the platform establishes itself as the de facto solution for modern design-driven website development.


Webydo’s New Plans: Q & A

If you need help choosing the plan that best fits your needs, this Q&A can shed some light on the options and how the extensive features of each plan let you focus on the most important thing: building exceptional websites!

What Are the New Plans?

Webydo’s plans are now divided into two basic categories: a One-Site plan, and the Professional Plans. The One-Site plan is designed for users who are only building a single website, but still want access to the advanced Webydo CMS and cloud hosting.

The Professional plans exist in three forms: Pro, Team, and Agency. All Professional tiers are optimized for web and graphic designers who want a capable, flexible, and consistent platform on which to create and manage their clients project. They all include unlimited storage and bandwidth on Webydo’s cloud hosting, one free site activation, as well as the ability to remove Webydo branding from all finished sites and access support through email and chat.


What Are the Differences Between the Professional Plans?

While the Professional plans all cater to web designers creating multiple sites and managing clients, they differ in the scale of services offered.

The Pro plan allows for up to ten websites to be created (each with unlimited pages, storage, and bandwidth), and allows for 50 site exports and 50 backups. In addition to the default support access, the Pro plan also offers a free 1-hour training session with a Webydo expert to help you hit the ground running.

The Team plan is the most popular option and includes up to 50 websites, with 250 site exports and backups. As the name implies, this tier is designed for teams and allows up to three users to access the account, and with unlimited training on top of support access, your whole team can get up to speed with Webydo in no time. Not only that, but in-development sites can be hosted on a custom subdomain to allow designers to keep Webydo’s presence entirely invisible to the client.

Furthermore, the Team tier unlocks the ability to manage client billing right from the Webydo Dashboard, as well as add custom code to the site.

For larger design studios, the Agency plan allows up to 250 websites to be created, with no limit to the number of site exports or backups. All the features from the Team plan carry over, and are joined by the Dedicated Account Manager and Client DIY Wizard.


How Much Will This Cost?

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One-Site plan

The One-Site plan now costs $9/month, billed annually—a 20% savings off the regular month-to-month price.
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Professional plans

The Professional plans cost $17/month for the Pro plan, $35/month for the popular Team plan, and $85/month for the Agency plan (all billed annually for 20% savings vs. monthly billing).

All new accounts are started on a 30-day free trial, with no obligation or credit card required, so it’s easy to explore the platform and choose a plan later. If you decide to upgrade to a paid plan, you can use any major credit card, or PayPal to securely pay for your subscription fees.

Is There a Free Plan?

As always, a 30-day free trial of all features is included for all new members, meaning you don’t have to choose your plan right from the start.

Additionally, basic users may opt to remain on the Free tier, which allows only one site hosted on the Webydo subdomain (with a maximum of five pages), and requires the presence of Webydo’s branding.

What If I’m a Student?

For educational institutions and student designers, Webydo offers customized discounts—get in touch to discuss your options.

Can I Change Plans? What About Cancelling?

Of course! You can easily upgrade to a new plan at any time from your Dashboard, or contact Webydo for any other account management needs.

Accounts can also be cancelled at any time, and Webydo’s 30-day money back guarantee ensures that you can evaluate the platform with no pressure.

What Happens to Existing Premium Accounts?

Current members of Webydo’s professional community can choose to remain on the old Premium tier, or upgrade to one of the new plans that can better suit their needs.

How Do I Host Additional Sites?

With all of the Professional plans, hosting your first domain is free, and all additional domains cost $5/domain/month, which can be billed to your client.

Note that this pricing does not include the cost of the domain itself, which must be purchased separately, but since the cost is per domain you can easily create multiple sites on the same domain without paying separately for each.

Since sites can be exported as raw HTML/CSS, you can also opt for external hosting in cases where access to the Webydo CMS isn’t required.

Is There A Difference in Hosting Between the Plans?

No. All Webydo sites are securely hosted on Webydo’s industry-standard scalable cloud platform, ensuring fast and flexible service for sites both large and small.

I Have More Questions!

Great — Webydo’s helpful agents are always available to answer questions and guide you towards the best plan for your web development needs. Visit the pricing page for more information, or contact Webydo for personalized help.


Helping You Grow

Since its inception last year, Webydo has followed the feedback of their huge developer forum to evolve the product in a quick, focused manner. This democratic approach to product development has earned Webydo the respect of professional web designers worldwide for not only being a pioneering platform, but for being responsive to the evolving needs of their community.

With these new plans, this diverse community of web professionals can now benefit from a streamlined way of managing their client’s work on the same powerful platform that allows them to create compelling, future-proof sites without touching a line of code.

Like Webydo itself, they can grow their business organically, one beautiful website at a time.


This article is presented by Webydo’s community of professional designers.

9 Web Hosting Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

If you’re ready to move off Blogger and onto a web hosting service, you’ve probably got a lot of other things on your plate as well. The world of web hosting can be complex and confusing, but we’re looking out for you.

We know you want a simple solution tailored to your needs, and with great support services. We all do. But great web hosting is really different for every client.

We’ve done the research and found nine scenarios that are either red flags, or should be avoided altogether.

The One-Trick Pony

Before moving forward, companies must decide what they expect their website to be capable of accomplishing. By creating a list of essential criteria necessary for launch and growth, a road map of expectation outlines accountability for everyone. If a company can’t provide you with a clear plan, be prepared for a bumpy ride.

One Size Fits All

Credible web host companies allow customers to upgrade, downgrade and add or remove services quickly upon request. If a provider has strict rules and is slow to move, they are likely under-performing or don’t know how to best optimize their services.

You Get What You Pay For

If a hosting company’s website contains claims that are too good to be true – such as “free, unlimited web 261hosting” – that means it’s loaded with advertising jargon that could be misleading. Unlimited web hosting can be a reality; however, to maintain reputation and control, customers should purchase dedicated hosting. If you have a small- to medium-sized business, affordable shared plans are often available.

Trusting Joe Schmoe

Just because the guys you play golf with are happy with their hosting, doesn’t mean it will work for you. Skeptically peruse online testimonials and engage in extensive comparison shopping.

Don’t Forget The Fine Print

Have a knowledgeable member of your team take the time to systematically break down hosting provider services. Read the terms of service and the features of graphic design packages to avoid hidden limitations that may appear in the long run.

Being Charged Out The Nose

Web hosting payment plans are not complicated. Hosting is essentially a fixed-rate expense, so high variable costs are a red flag. If rates wildly fluctuate, cut the provider loose.

Rusty Bandwidth

Having enough bandwidth ensures life and utility for your site. If your web performance bottlenecks during heavy traffic, your users will be dissatisfied and leave. Often, they will not return, and will communicate to others their reason for not coming back. Site performance can be critical to your success, so make sure your host is reliable.

Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen

Trust those who are professionals in their trade. Work with a web company that specializes in web hosting. The company that sold you a domain is not necessarily well-versed in web hosting. Instead, find one that exclusively offers hosting services.

Support Goes Out Of The Window

When you submit a technical support ticket to the help desk, demand a quick response. If they can’t fix an issue quickly, then you shouldn’t be paying your web host to help you with any issues that may arise. Excellent customer service is non-negotiable.

We hope that helps. Good luck — it’s a digital jungle out there!

–Guest Post–

Get more traffic with good web design

We Are Not Freelancers

While designing We Are not Freelancers we had one goal in mind. Our goal was to get featured on as many web galleries as possible.

This isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination, we had never achieved it before so why would we do it now? From start to finish this blog took about 8 days to create but I think of those 8 days I must have spent every hour of them on the design.

Why did we want to be featured on galleries?

Was it ego? Was it recognition?

It was a little bit of both.

But. The main reason was traffic and the spin offs of that. I strongly believe that if you are a start up blogger and you have a bit of a budget/time to play with you should really put a lot of focus into your design.

We managed to get featured on quite a few CSS galleries and the result was 2000 visitors per day for the first 5 days. That is a lot of visitors for a new blog.

A small selection of the featured sites are listed below:

That was only the start.

With that comes features on other blogs, We Are not Freelancers has been featured on many blogs for

Top this and Top that, best twitter birds, best headers the list can go on.


So getting featured is awesome, your ego gets stroked, your get recognition, you get traffic. But the most important thing is still to come:

SEO rankings… with all the sites we have been featured on, We Are not Freelancers has gained some serious back link horse power. We have put literally no effort into our SEO but, due to the amount of sites we have been mentioned on, our SEO rankings have been impressively boosted purely off back linking.

Get creative and then refine your design

So I highly recommend that you spend a bit more time on either getting creative or finding someone who is creative. We spent hours looking around, analyzing trends etc. We noticed that one popular trend which is under used is hand drawn designs. So we tackled it head on.

This isn’t the only trend out there which is under used. There are many, you just have to dig deep, discover a cool style get inspired, execute good padding, establish a grid structure and then refine, refine, refine.

If you are struggling a little then ask someone in the design world to have a look before you release it, people like Liam McKay are seriously friendly and helpful, Adelle Charles is another. Hell you can even ask me ;)

By doing so you will kick start your viewership in a big way which can only be a good thing for the future. Spend the time now and reap the rewards later, we spent many hours on this design but it not even close to the amount we would have had to spend on SEO’ing and hustling.

So what are you waiting for ladies and gents?!? Get cracking on an awesome design!