Leading E-commerce Website Design Trends of 2016

The ultimate goal of e-commerce websites is to get the conversion. Even leading e-commerce sites work for the same goal. And for the accomplishment of the goal, it is essential to include the leading e-commerce website designs that are in the trend now.

We have chosen some of the most trending e-commerce website designs for this year that are going to remain alive for longer. Thus, in the case, you are anywhere near to plan an e-commerce website, here are the leading elements that must be taken care of while designing the same.

Above the Fold Web Design

Emerged as an essential newspaper design, above the fold design got extremely popular for e-commerce websites also. The element is added to offer the most important content of the web above the fold. With this designing element in action, the visitors are presented with the most important web element just after they open a website.

The dimension of the fold varies for responsive & non-responsive layout. The most common dimensions are from 1024*786 pixels to 1280*1024, after reducing the browser navigation bar, scroll bar, window element, etc.

Flat Design


The giant search engine Google along with Microsoft and Apple are also in support of flat design. There is nothing new about flat design but have suddenly become one of the most important web design trends now. Flat design is in trend not only because it is eye-pleasing but also because it is easier to understand.

For developers, the good news is that it is easy to develop and make responsive as well. More to this, the extraordinary elements of the flat design help users to concentrate on the web content.

Tiled Navigation


Tiled navigation is extremely popular among e-commerce sites as it offers a captivating experience to the users. E-commerce websites offer a preview of the products in the form of tiles using images. These product images are not only high in resolution but also much more appealing if compared with the text for the similar product.

Thus, titled navigation is all that website owners can get benefited from. No website can bear the loss wherein visitors come to their website and leave the same without completing the desired action. Tiled navigation can thus be used to grab the attention of the visitors, hold them for longer and appeal them to accomplish the desired purchasing action.

Large and Flexible Typography


Making use of large, flexible typography for the content adds more to this element. Content, on the other hand, should be centered to make it more engaging.

Large and flexible typography plays an important role in creating a robust brand identity, which additionally attracts potential visitors over the website. Adding this element easily guarantees the popularity of the website among the visitors.

Hamburger Menu


Hamburger menu helps website owners cut a lot of clutter on an e-commerce website and hide them behind these menus. These menus are used as an important element of mobiles only but today their usages have extended to desktop websites also.


Hamburger menu is a wise choice for developers to save the considerable screen space. Besides this, improved user experience is an add-on when combining the effects of hamburger menu in any e-commerce website.

Good CTA Button

Call to action buttons are used for a variety of reasons. However, the main aim lies in getting visitors on the website and making them accomplish certain actions. These certain actions can let them to add a product to their cart, getting related information, downloading something or any other such stuff.

A good CTA is thus a chance provided to the user to accomplish any of the above-written examples. For the website owners, on the other hand, it is an opportunity to guide the users towards getting an easy conversion.

Hero Images

Vision is the strongest human sense and thus, the large and beautiful hero images are very much popular as the leading trend in the e-commerce website designing. Hero images have evolved to be a compelling element to grab users’ attention towards a website. Hero images above the scroll followed by a card based arrangement are slowly gaining the attention.

Most of the hero images are photographs that have some kind of relation with the content posted on the website. Such images drive the users towards the site. The soothing and pleasing colors of these images add more to the overall appearance of the website.

Rich Motion Animation


Rich motion animation contributes to websites’ enhanced storytelling. This makes the browsing experience more interactive and entertaining for the visitors. Different websites make use of different animation techniques, and one of them is motion animation.

Human eyes are naturally drawn to motion, which makes motion animation a perfect element for an e-commerce website. Motion also enhances the visual hierarchy, thus making the websites more appealing for the visitors. This makes the picture more interesting over the websites.


Responsiveness has become one of the leading trends for the e-commerce websites just after the Google changed the algorithm for not ranking the non-mobile friendly websites in the search result feed. The algorithm has come at a time when mobile e-commerce (only in the US) has a 30% market share, which is much more in other countries of the world.

As responsiveness makes it easy to access a website on any of the devices, it is very much important for website owners to invest in this element to extend the reach of their websites. Including the responsive technique is not all, do ensure to check the same through responsive design testing tool.

Large Photography and Videos

“A picture is worth a thousand words” finds excellent relevance with large photography and videos as one of the most important elements for website designing. In the web arena today, large picture and images rule the sites. In order to enhance the effect of these images, web designers and developers optimize the elements within the images to boost their impact over the visitors.

At one place where such designs hold the visitors for longer, they are also excellent to deliver the messages instead of writing any content, on the other. Thus, embrace the large photography and videos this year.


While these trends keep on appearing and getting replaced by the newer ones, here is the sum up of the most important web design element trend for the year 2016

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