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12 Cool Big Cartel T-shirt Stores

Big Cartel offers an excellent resource for indie t-shirt lines looking for a quick and easy social online store. However, as of this posting, there were well over 4,000 shops at Big Cartel. The majority of these serve up some t-shirts and we wanted to share 12 of our faves?  Read on to see what we like about each of these stores.

Daft Packs

The #1 Pick in Premium Sportswear. Legends Only


BYH New York

Founded in March 2013 in New York City. by H. aims to create interesting and affordable everyday wear. We seek to make functional, season-less as well as unisex clothing by following a minimalist approach.


JVP Melbourne

New Fashion Design from Melbourne


Well Fed New York

Started in New York City in 2010, Well Fed has grown from a simple visual blog to a worldwide apparel company.



Coming from the streets of London, Ovidius Clothing is a Highstreet brand inspired by surrounding Contemporary Culture. Having launched in 2013, Our aim is perfecting our products for our customers. We have an eye for detail on our quality garments sold at affordable prices.



Clothing from the Midlands, UK



There is a lot of action going on here. Sometimes that is a bit much, but showed that excess can look good too.


Dirty Rich

Simple, clean, minimal. Enough said.


M+RC Noir

How do you get it do Fresh? By washing your tees with too much detergent inside your animated washing machine.



Big imagery and even bigger clothing


KYC Vintage

This is a very cool touch for a t-shirt line that covers quite a few subjects.


Drop The Anchor

Original Melbourne Streetwear, Shop












Getting giddy with GoMedias hand drawn wings

Please excuse the title, Wings can be one of the hardest things to draw other than the human figure, well Go Media have been very busy and only yesterday released one part of set 14, these had to be hand drawn wing vectors as usual they also have a free sample

The Wing Vectors

You can take one look at this set and say “Awesome” because Go media have really out done themselves with this one, I can only imagine how many hours it has taken to perfect each and every feather ( there’s also some bat wings in there I notice! ). The pack costs only $10 / £6 and for the time it will save you and the quality that they are compared to many other vector products. These really are for professional looks, its crazy


I was looking at their other vector wing sets and these simply blow them away in the detail and craftsman ship, I’m guessing these will be mainly used by the avid tee-shirt and apparel designer, and rightly so because they will definitely take a design to a new level.

Go Media

In my eyes Go media is one of the friendliest companies on the web that I know of (or at least in the design sector), they serve up free vectors from time to time to give you a taste of what they’ve been working hard on, They more often than not reply to your comments on their blog Go mediazine, they even tweet, these are all the signs of a great company doing everything right. Getting a response from a company can go along way especially when your treated like an individual. With blogs and social media platforms available to day this means companies can be one on one with its customers and like minded people.

They share their passion for design with tutorials, that are well received by the design community, they also blog about their experiences within business, now this can be very insightful for some one starting out in their own ventures and many will be able to relate to and learn from that, making Go media a great asset.

What I did with my Go media wings

I got my set of wings and was immediately excited to see 14 different types of wings, Angel, bat, eagle etc one for every occasion. I’m not an apparel designer so my brain got thinking because I knew I wanted to do a post about them but also wanted to create something with them as well (it had been snowing all day so there wasn’t much else to do!) so I came up with this…

Guardian of Design Shard

Using one of the angel type wings from Go media I also grabbed a picture of a knight, an ancient door and a little bit of creativity.

Go media

What do you think about it, it was quite rushed and completed in about 2 hours, the light source might be a little off but I think it turned out quite well,

The styling of the wings was already really slick so I wanted to carry this type of vector styling through the image so I made some swirls with the same thick border to act as appendages coming from the wings and wrapping around the knight, as if it is alive!

Source Files

The ancient door was found on Flickr by using the Creative Commons search and the knight was found on sxc free stock site, the wings are from Go medias hand drawn collection


Your Thoughts

So what do you think of Go Media? Have you used any of their vectors in you designs? If you have feel free to post links and share your comments below… what do you think of my creation, be nice!

Amazing Ornamental Design Inspiration – Baroque Style

This is a collection of baroque style (ornamental) design, this style originates from baroque styles of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and the word baroque can also simply mean that something is elaborate with many details. [Further Reading]

This style can be incorporated in to Logos, T-Shirts, Posters, Type … Anything

You may also want to check out this recent post on Floral typography

Shiny Binary

I had to add shiny binaries “Perfect porftolio” piece for Digital Arts Magazine and “Mystic” that was inspired by Eastern style statues and carvings, you can clearly see the statue within the image and the ornate flourishes.




This pencilled etching is great way to see how the shadows and the darker crevices give the ornamental style its three dimensions



An Amsterdam based illustrator that goes by the studio mane of opera78 has a great drawing style so checking out some of his personal and commercial work is a good idea.



One Twenty Six

Based in New York One Twenty Six produces some great packaging and branding, you can also see some of the ornate designs in there logo designs.


Shepard Fairy

This guy has a real eye for poster design and you can check out his fine art collection for some more inspiring examples of his work. i also found this image via abduzeedos a mixed inspiration post to look through.


J R Velasco

a great example of these ornate finishes is on this website header, wrapping around other illustrations and hand drawn elements. The old vintage look gives it even more character and era.



Irish Wind

Great baroque style technical pen drawing in the making just goes to show how much time and effort goes in to such a piece like this.




This website has a great visual tutorial on how to recreate this style from start to finish


I Cant Hear

I Cant Hear design studio with some great work and sketches of work in progress gives a good understanding of work flow to final piece, as seen below a sketch and final piece in vector form is mind blowing.




Has some great collections of old scans on his flickr



Eduardo Cife

Eduardo Cife of Misprinted Type has some awesome illustration work from book covers to posters. a true vintage style that you can see throughout his work.




Ansel Olson

Ansel has some inspiring sets on flickr from photos to scans like the one shown below, decorated type is another great way to incorporate this style.


Anouther Great decorated alphabet.



Very detailed breath taking ornate typography incorporating cherubs, birds and statues.





A designer from Russia known a 86era due to being born in 1986, also found via ilovetypography inspiring type




I would put this style high up in my favourites and i find it very inspiring to look at others work and how they can incorporate it in to designs such as web sites, Typography and posters you name it and it can be done, adding extra flair and interest.

Do you get inspired by this style or know some great pieces of work to share? Please leave a comment.

Technique for creating a hand drawn website style

We first got into the blogging world with our website blog “We Are not Freelancers“. The site is a combo of the “Ten Pixel Method” and hand drawn characters and letters.

hand drawn font

A lot of people who we have met say they wish they could create something similar but will not because they can’t draw.

We say anyone can draw if you use a simple technique.

David gives you a quick lesson on how to create a hand drawn website using the ‘don’t lift the pencil‘ technique.

Hand drawn technique video tip

Brought to you by: From-The-Couch

Supporting Elements

There are also few more hand drawn elements within the footer and header design.

hand drawn elements