What Is a Website Redesign & How To Plan For It Effectively

Websites have become essential marketing tools for businesses and it’s mandatory to keep them up to date and fresh always. This can be justified with the help of the statement made by a Danish computer scientist, Jakob Nielsen: “A bad website is like a grumpy salesperson.”

This is where the need for website redesigning comes into the picture. Your website can never be static, but it should be constantly tweaked so that to be in sync with the changing market scenarios and specific customers’ requirements. This task is a bit challenging but can be easily executed with the help of a seasoned website design company.

Usually, entrepreneurs overhaul their entire web presence to ensure a better user experience, increased conversion, and enhanced online visibility. But the real challenge is to plan for it strategically and effectively. Let’s explore the top eight steps that you should take in order to make your web redesign project successful.

1. Determine The Right Time

First of all, you need to evaluate that when is it the right time to redesign your company’s website? Assess the overall look, feel, technology stack, content, fonts, images, videos, etc. If you find one or more than one of these elements outdated then it’s the right time for you to invest some money in revamping your site. Also, you also have to decide whether you are going for a mild redesign or a complete overhaul.

2. Research Extensively & Define Clear Goals

Before anything else, you need to create an early sitemap on the basis of SEO research and define specific goals for the website redesign. With the help of research, you can discover the areas of your website which needs improvement. Also, you can identify the pain points that your current and potential customers are facing. You should analyze the current web design and find out where it’s falling behind?

Document all your ideas and ways in which you want to improvise your web presence. You should also find out ways in which you can make the overall design of your website much more impressive and appealing.

3. Coordinate With The Head Of Design & Finalize The New Site Structure

In order to redesign your website efficiently, it’s mandatory for you to consult with the head of design. Mostly, they are occupied with making website updates that are tedious and time-consuming. But they will be the best person to advise you on how to find a better and efficient solution.

In addition, you can discuss and finalize the new site structure with the head of design. Also, you can have a comprehensive plan of what type of content are you going to incorporate in your site? How will you storyboard the entire concept? What will be the site layout? And, how a sample of the landing page will look like?

4. Gather Referrals & Involve The Major Stakeholders In The Project

Before moving forward, you have to get consent from all the stakeholders of your business. Show them the design layout that you finalized and get their feedback. Also, answer the initial questions they may have.

In addition, you should also seek referrals from the people in your network so that to find the best design agency. Research about those companies and filter the ones who built your favorite sites. Document all the potential design agencies and have an introductory meeting or a call with them.

5. Create The Project Brief

On the basis of your meetings and calls, you should create a brief of the redesign project that you can present to the agencies you finalized. The brief should be straightforward and contain a background of your company. Also, you should specify the goals of your project and target audience.

In addition, you can also add a few supporting materials such as the branding guidelines, storyboard, main marketing assets, sample landing page, etc. Moreover, enrich the brief by mentioning the websites that are developed with the vibe, look, and feel that you want in your revamped site.

6. Pick The Best Design Agency

After presenting the potential design agencies with the project brief, give them some time to come up with their ideas and designs. Collect all of them and have a discussion with the head of design.

You can select the firms that seem apt according to you by evaluating the proposals on different criteria: the portfolio, price, the content of the proposal, creativity, etc. Ultimately, choose the agency that is in sync with your vision for the redesign and also has a robust portfolio to prove their calibre.

7. Manage The Entire Project Efficiently

Once when you are done with choosing a design agency, have a discussion with them and decide the timeline and costs. Also, during the entire redesign process, you should be always willing to give answers to the questions and give reviews and feedback about design layouts. This responsiveness will only keep your project moving forward.

It is quite possible that in the redesigning process, you are also required to deliver design assets, choose high-quality imagery, plan a team photo shoot, etc. Also, you will be needed to be on your toes when it comes to transforming and incorporating these innovative ideas into the fully functional design.

8. Get It Accomplished Successfully

This is the most challenging part of the entire project – making sure that the redesign is aligned with your vision. You should get all your stakeholders involved in the progress and take their consent on delivery date and budget. But remember that it’s advisable to schedule a launching date that’s at least one month later than the date given by your design agency.

Review the design several times, be sure that it’s coming out to be what you actually expected. Then, decide a final launch date to publish the revamped website and make sure that you commit to it.

In this way, you have to plan for the redesign project very logically. Your website is the asset that has the power to evolve with your brand so make sure that it’s redesigned in the best way so that to provide the end users with a mesmerizing experience.

9 Features Of Sketch That Can Optimize Your Design Workflow



Positioning itself in the world of web design and development, Sketch is a perfect pick for designers and techies looking to speed up the design workflow. A well-acknowledged name in the web design industry, Sketch is constantly attracting designers with it’s features.


With the latest released versions, Sketch 2 and 3 which bring along an added simplicity and intuitiveness as compared to Photoshop, more and more designers have been switching to it. Sketch, as a graphic designing application, features a pixel preview which allows designing interfaces and icons with the usage of Multiple Pages, Artboards, Symbols and Shared Styles to quicken and simplify the overall designing process

Designed especially for modern designers, Sketch is being loved because of its multifarious tricks. In order to strengthen the overall process, Sketch is featured with some outstanding features that not only save time but give a real competition and threat to Photoshop. Let’s see how Sketch has dominated the market with its compelling features-


The creation of multiple artboards has become a piece of cake with Sketch designing application. If you are planning to design a responsive site, Sketch’s Infinite Canvas. By default, Sketch offers Canvas that is fruitful to take the advantage of Artboard presets. The presets can be chosen directly from the sub-toolbar by clicking on Artboard button. Using these presets, designers can easily organize their work via a predefined dimension. Artboards are perfect for designing views on mobile and can automatically be resized to accommodate the height and width of layers.


Exporting is one amongst the appealing features of Sketch, which makes exporting all the files in an easier way. All users need to click the “Export” button situated at the bottom-right corner for exporting the icon buttons in mobile navigation. These icons can further be saved for the web either in SVG or PNG format. This incorporates almost everything in relation to displaying the assets on varied screen sizes.

Pixel Precision

When designing for mobile, Pixel perfection plays a critical role. With Sketch, you automatically get to shape your Pixel edges and prepare assets for different screen sizes and pixel densities. Sketch allows you to easily position the pixels in your design with Pixel Precision functionalities. It is an easy to implement feature which produces sharp outcomes exact to your business needs. It also offers the ability to edit and preview each Pixel.

Sketch-Easy Grids

The grid method is the easiest to design images in a clean, precise and straightforward way. “Create Grid” requires you to click on the four boxes given in the sub-tool bar. Doing so will display a pop-up menu where you can specify the total number of rows and columns you want to arrange the selected objects into. Next step is about selecting “Boxed Option” for defining the areas encompassed with every object and spacing into them. Composing an image in the easiest ways is possible using this approach. Sketch supports- “Regular Grid” and “Layout Grid”.


Sketch allows users easily creating a new file using the feature “template”.

Here’s how

Go to menu item file and choose new from the template.

The current file can also be saved as a template to start each project from the initial stage.

This process yields beneficial results, especially when designing for iOS. Any file with a status bar and navigation bar can be created easily and saved as a template.


The advanced Sketch shortcuts will massively help you enhance your UI design process. One can also create their own shortcuts via OS X System Preferences.


Surviving in the age of Mobilegeddon, it becomes important to have a vector-based design. When coming up with innovative ways to display content on the screen, designers should look forward to high-definition versus normal definition display, narrow screen vs wide screen and many other things. It is equally important to have a design which restyles all the formats; however, coming up with a different picture for each device range is a painstaking process. With Sketch, the problem gets solved easily as it allows you to freely resize objects.

Smart Guides

Smart Guides is one of keyboard shortcuts available with Sketch. They allow you to snap-align all the layers. The “ALT” key can be used to easily see the guides and spacing between objects.

Color Picker

Sketch requires pressing CTRL+C to quickly choose a color of your choice from anywhere. Simple and virtuous. Isn’t it?

To summarize

Sketch is all about offering the power, flexibility, and speed which you would have always dreamt of in an easy-to-use designing package. Made specially for modern graphic designers, Sketch incorporates plenteous workflow, extensions, and features that are focused on producing better results, thereby producing high-quality artwork from the start till the end.

Magento Vs LemonStand: Comparison between two eCommerce platforms

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing industries across the globe. Thousands and millions of businesses are making the use of different online platforms to build a highly interactive and professional-looking eCommerce store. When it comes to the most innovative and contemporary eCommerce software, LemonStand is the first name that strikes to my mind. Although, it is a brand-new eCommerce solution, its advanced features, and highly flexible functions allow webmasters and site owners to create a fully-customizable e-store in a matter of few minutes.


LemonStand is a feature-rich platform that allows you to build an engaging and intriguing online store the way you want. It lets you customize the design of your store without constraints and heavy lifting. You can even customize your own checkout, without redirects to another website.

However, most of the business owners, especially those who are new in the web development industry don’t know much about this platform. To help you understand more about this software, we will compare the LemonStand with one of the most popular and flexible eCommerce software – Magento. It is a widely-used CMS platform that lets you build beautiful and functional online store with ease. It comes in two editions: Magento Community Edition (CE) and Magento Enterprise Edition (EE)

Magento platform

Magento Community Edition is an open source platform, which is free to download, install, use and modify. On the other side, Magento Enterprise Edition is a licensed software, designed especially for large scale businesses that need extra features and functions. In this comparison, we cover both the editions to help you make the decision quickly and efficiently.

Through this blog post, we will try to explore more about the LemonStand eCommerce software and help you make the best possible decision for your business.

Easy to Deploy

The first step with any eCommerce platform is to install and start up an online store. If you want to get an instance of Magento (both the CE and EE) up, you need an assistance of professional IT person.

Since, it includes installing and configuring one or multiple servers such as operating systems, database servers, web servers, and other system elements before running up a store, so you may need to hire a reliable hosting provider who can do all these stuff for you. But still, you need to manually set up your database server, upload Magento installation scripts, upload sample databases through FTP. But for large scale businesses, it becomes crucial and complicated to manage all these things effectively and efficiently.

On the other side, LemonStand is a Software as a service platform, so you don’t need to manage operating systems, set up databases and even don’t need to install software. All you need to do is to enter some basic information regarding your business on your site, and the LemonStand store automatically deployed in a matter of few minutes.

Winner: LemonStand

Apps and extensions

Magento is a great solution for those who wants to create a custom eCommerce store, without any coding skills. It offers thousands of beautiful and powerful apps and extensions to let you build anything. Since Magento Community Extension is open source platforms, you can get plenty of free or open-source extensions that can be used to extend the functionality of the store with ease.

LemonStand is a brand-new tool and site owners can already integrate with loads of apps through API and dropping code into a theme template to run their online business. In simple words, LemonStand doesn’t offer too many options to extend the functionality of the store.



Running a Magento site is quite challenging when it comes to usability. Since Magento is one of the most primitive eCommerce platforms, the user experience also looks obsolete and outdated. In fact, most of the users find it difficult to run a Magento store (particularly novice users) due to the complicated user interface.

While, LemonStand is a newer platform, so they focused on providing the world-best user experience to their potential customers. In fact, some of the LemonStand users are finding it a simple and intuitive platform, allowing them to complete their task quickly and efficiently.

LemonStand – Dashboard

Flexibility in developing eCommerce stores

Magento is a developer-friendly eCommerce platform, so you will get complete access to all of its code and database. Experienced web developers can easily customize the Magento store, without any hassle. And for large scale businesses, Magento is an ideal solution. But for effective results, you need to hire an experienced and professional development team that can help you develop your Magento store, without any pitfalls.

At LemonStand, you will get complete flexibility to develop your store, without any complexity. It includes a flexible theme engine that lets you customize each and every aspect of your store. Even, you can customize the checkout process, which is commonly locked down on SaaS platforms.

Plus, its powerful REST API and Webhooks support allow web developers to extend, integrate and even customize the functionality of the store with ease.

Habitat - Magento
Habitat was built using Magento

Implementation Costs

The cost involved in developing Magento store can vary from business to business. At Magento, you can create a simple and user-friendly website at an affordable price. But if you want more advanced functions and features, you need to invest a lot of money.

Since developing a Magento store is a complex; implementation cost for developing custom store could go beyond the 5 or even 6 figures and take many months to complete the project.

LemonStand is a cloud-based eCommerce solution; so it takes less time and effort to developing a custom store. This means you don’t need to spend a big implementation cost for developing a LemonStand store.

Charlotte Hosten Boutique - Built with LemonStand
Charlotte Hosten Boutique – Built with LemonStand

Technical Support

Technical support is one of the most crucial factors that can help you create an interactive store with ease. Magento Enterprise Edition is a licensed platform, so it offers robust technical support to their clients. Magento Community Edition is a free and open source platform, so there is no technical support for their potential customers.

Since, LemonStand is a modern eCommerce platform, so it tends to provide the quick and effective technical support to their customers. They try to provide the best technical and customer support that can help their customers to accomplish their tasks on time.

Security Risk

Security is also a crucial factor, especially for eCommerce websites where web customers to process payments online after buying a product for a particular e-store. Business owners who use Magento store are responsible for verifying whether their infrastructure is safe and secure or not. They also need to keep their customer data secure.   However, due to some regulations, such as PCI, it is quite difficult for site owners to keep their store safe and secure.

LemonStand takes care the security of your site because it a hosted within PCI DSS compliant infrastructure, which is audited by an independent Qualified Security Assessor. In fact, the platform never saves customer’s data and use SSL encryption on all web pages.


So, there is a huge difference between the LemonStand, Magento CE, and Magento EE eCommerce platforms.

If you are running a large scale business and selling a ton of products, you should use the Magento Enterprise Edition. If you want a flexible and user-friendly platform, I would recommend you to use LemonStand. It is a great platform for building a custom designed online store with ease.

26 Gorgeous Websites Powered by WordPress

Rogue Dolls

With a calming air and nice arrangement, this blog is surely a place where you will get pleasure from it.

Myself DSK

A site that puts a great problem in front of you without destroying the mood around it, creating a great space for thinking on the problem.


An original portfolio that presents the old things in a new and unusual way, delivering at the same time his message easily.

Purple Pixel Studio

Simple, yet with style, this site groups all the information on it in a readable way, accomplishing the visitor’s wish.

Why Interactive

Impressive and unusual, this site finds out a new way to entertain it’s visitors while they learn more about them.

Haunted Cat House

A lively and expressive website that attracts its visitors with this unique and beautiful layout and illustrations.

Feature Me

A portfolio that keeps on its main creation, without trashing the visitor’s head with a lot of text.


This website has a great look and creates a serious mood that is best for assimilating it’s info.

Moods of Norway

An original and interactive site that motivates the visitors to become a fan of it in order to unlock a new adorable song!

Get Ship Rocked

Get Ship Rocket

A stunning site that creates an appropriate mood for travelling and parties, impressing with it’s beautiful background and feeling.

Andres Gallo

A very interesting site that “points” the most useful things for you, creating a feeling of the author’s presence.

Marco Deliso

A beautiful and original website that uses a combination of green colours to create a powerful contrast that underlines the most important things

Graystone Inc

By providing the visitor a interesting way of browsing through the website, this site is a way of combining the boring info with funny actions.

Gardener & Marks

A mainly monochromatic website, but thanks of it’s amazing way of presenting the information it surely can be named one of the best.


Here you are encountered by a burst of energy and feeling, having in front of you an awesome site with an amazing look.

Franchise Studios Inc

A site that points out to its visitor a new and fresh look over the design process, attracting and keeping him interested.

Joshua One Six

A nice-looking website that puts all the useful info in front of you, helping in a better understanding of its message.

Creative Board

Inspiring website that uses a free and easy way to communicate with its visitors, having an attractive and happy look.

Sandalias XTR

Having a background that inserts the visitor in a new and appropriate mood for understanding a lot easier the information, the website looks nice and creates a great feeling.

Night Owl Interactive

Simple structured and having a short text that makes the visitor to understand what’s the deal with this site.

Real Web Design

With a interesting idea and nice look, this website is a beautiful creation combined with a handy way of presenting the information.

Identity With Held

A friendly site that has a original theme, impressing it’s visitors and making them understand their real power in design.

Shady Mcgrady‘s

Simulating a bar, this website induces it’s visitors in their favourite world and helps them relaxing a bit.

Who Invented

A website that presents a lot of interesting information combined with a interesting look to create a exceptional mood great for new inventions!

Essaouira Pub

Having a slight air of old times, this site makes a beautiful feeling for those who are visiting it.

19 Impressive, Stunning and Simple Web Sites

This week we bring you 19 well crafted and functional websites. These all have a simple and yet eye catching design ranging from CSS to Flash based. Hopefully they will give you a little boost to your creativity.

This was a fun post to create so leave a comment if you liked it and we'll do more like this in the future.

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