10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Animation

An animation is a form of art whereby the artist expresses stories through drawings to the audience. The animation part means that the artist has to use characters that are in motion in order to give the storyline life which is an important factor in any animation.

The characters you choose to use are essential in shaping your story as well as captivating your audiences’ empathy for the animation to pass your story the way you intended. Animation can be used to pass a complex message in a simple way that is interesting and easy for your audience to remember. You should ensure that the characters and the stories in your animations are relevant to the audience you are targeting.

The motion of the characters is important in animation because it gives it life. This makes it necessary for you to understand the behaviours and motions of the characters you are using in the animation. Another thing that is important to any animation is the quality of the pictures that you make. A high-quality animation will always captivate your audience in watching and appreciating your work more.

Below are the tips you should always have in mind when creating animations.

Use your hand to draw

You can choose to use the design tools to give out a refined product but you should always remember that your hand is much needed in the drawing. The design tools should only be used to enhance your animation. For best animations, ilustra website is a great one in giving life to your animations. You can always use your hand to differentiate your work from that of others and this gives it originality.

Be educative

An animation is a great way of telling stories and passing important messages. It is good to know your audience well for you to develop a story that is relevant to them. Animations give life to a story which makes the human mind to be captivated to the story. An image that has a life makes it simple to remember a story and hence, it is important to develop characters and stories that relate directly to your audience such as good old memories.


Remember to always keep your audience captivated by having a good flow of the story. A good flow will always raise the anticipation of the audience of how the next piece will be. Connecting your pieces well will also make your story easy to follow.

Timing and spaces

Timing and spaces are important factors in giving your animation authenticity because you want to make the characters as real as possible. You should know when the characters have to move fast or slowly according to the flow of the story.

Block to make work easier

Blocking allows you to see how the animation will be like in the final product which can simplify your work. You can be able to plan the poses and breakdown in the animation in a stepped way which makes it easy to edit when necessary instead of having to delete the whole story.

Keep it simple

Animations should be simple preferably with light colors to make it easy for the audience to capture enormous details at a glance. The characters use should also be simple and familiar and to top it all, the story should relate to the audience.

Include your style

This is where your ability to draw applies best. Different people can tell a story but the way you will present it can give it uniqueness. Although it is important to keep animations simple, do not forget to add your own style that will make it stand out from the rest.


The characters you use should have a motion that identifies with them naturally, but you should make it interesting to watch by exaggerating. This will make your characters to be lively and much entertaining as opposed to the usual motions which the audiences are accustomed to seeing.

Use curve editor

The curve editor can be used to clean up your animation after blocking it. You can use it to guide the controllers in the right way and smooth out kinks and breaks in key poses.

Use the principles

Always use the well laid out principles to make your work easier when making an animation. The guidelines are meant to make it look lively and natural and this produces high-quality work.


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