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Collaborating on an online project management software for marketing is a huge part of being a designer or a creative, and more often than not you are juggling more than one task or project at a time.

This makes managing a creative project online for creatives particularly difficult and what’s more, the line managers or bosses that approve the creative work usually have nothing to do with the design suites that creatives are working in.

Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and other marketing project management tools have been used as the primary design platforms for professionals for many years, but the lack of integration with other platforms has made it difficult to complete tasks.

Comments in Adobe, instant messaging, emails and doodling are the most frequent ways that marketing teams have been working with creatives in order to give their feedback and try and get their ideas across, however this is not just ineffective but incredibly time consuming too.

In order to streamline these administrative necessities in the creative process Wrike integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud. This allows whole teams to work and collaborate within the Adobe Apps and Wrike in the respective silos without having to communicate through dozens of different task workflows management software.

This integration allows creative teams to:

Ideate and Plan

Creative processes all start with an idea or a request from a client that is turned into a brief and then translated into a creative idea. The Wrike integration makes it easier to assign, schedule and balance the ideas, suggestions and workflows of creative teams.

Create and Perfect

Your whole team can read, reply, add comments and suggestions and upload files right within your tools, without having to leave your workspace.

Review and Approve

Proofing and feedback on both mobile and desktop means that you can work anywhere you want. The actions are all clear and it makes it easy to follow the approval trails and feedback.

Launch and Report

The custom workflows in Wrike means that project tasks are scheduled, assigned and delivered according to the deadlines and timelines.

Having a team scheduling software where you can have full visibility on all projects is the biggest advantage that the Adobe Creative Cloud’s integration with Wrike has for creative teams and the other departments that work alongside them to get their projects out to clients.

Assists in Quality Communication

No matter what line of work you are in, high-quality communication is the key to a successful project. Collaboration is only possible through open lines of communication and this is especially true for creative and design teams.

People in these roles continually get new ideas as they go along with their projects, and they need to discuss these with the rest of the team and their managers. These discussions around their ideas could change or improve the final project, and as such it’s essential that they are made possible.

The great thing about Wrike’s new integration is that it makes it possible to give feedback, request meetings and discuss ideas all within one workspace. The platform can import appointments from Google Calendar, attach files from Drive, and allows direct feedback and input into mock-ups and wireframes without the designers having to export their work or leave their workspace.

Allows Theme Setting and Clear Creative Goals

Wrike’s dashboard allows for the creation of customised workflows per project that can be shared with all the people involved across the company. Briefs can be attached through Drive, reference images will be on hand, tasks are tracked and goals are clearly set.

This all means that everyone working on the creative asset of ideation will be able to clearly see the timeline, theme and goals of the creative project and will be more likely to deliver it on time with the quality that was required.

Flexible Timelines

Not every creative project can be rushed into a timeline, good things do take time. That being said, having an open timeline isn’t an option as nothing would ever get done. Wrike allows you to give flexible due dates and buffer time into your projects that may not be able to flow exactly to a deadline.

You can meet with all the people that are involved with the project, and rather set key milestones that show how what stages of the project need to be done by certain times, this will help the creative keep on track with the project timeline.

These are just some of the important aspects that Wrike’s integration with Adobe Creative Cloud that will have a great impact on the way that designers and creatives are able to manage their projects, and share their ideas with people around the company.

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Max Stanworth

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