22 Beautiful and Elegant Logo Designs

In the following round-up we are sh0wcasing a great collection of beautiful and stunning. All of the logos listed in the collection have been carefully hand-picked, and have either won top awards on different galleries, or have been featured for the great graphics they have in them.


Small and cute logo that creates a calm atmosphere and beautiful disposition!


A nice-looking and impressing brand that has a great idea and is very cool coloured.

Ricebird Logo

Murder Yearbook

Stunning and a little bit scary logo great for a blog or a website, showing a power combined with ingeniosity.

Murder Yearbook Logo

Hand Made

A special and interesting logo great for stuff based on villages and natural production.

Hand Made Logo

Crimson Pies

Old but very nice look, giving a feeling that it’s company knows what it’s doing.

Crimson Pies Logo

Red Ink Tattoo

Simple but original logo, showing a great dedication for the work with tattoos.

Red Ink Tattoo Logo


With a solemn look, this brand is great for a winery complex which has a great reputation and experience.

Wimedom Logo

Bad Boy Night

A brand great for a respected and trendy club that has its own rules and invited persons.

Bad Boy Night Logo


A cute-looking logo that creates a nice and relaxing atmosphere for the company’s visitors.

Kiski Logo

Deal o Resto

With this brand you will surely create a good mood to your visitors and add a French air to your restaurant.

Deal o Resto Logo

Devine Guitars

A deluxe style logo great for expensive and important musical instruments, for the most special moments in your life.

Devine Guitars Logo

Royal Crown

At the first look old, but creating the feeling that this company is very reliable and special, this logo is surely a masterpiece.

Royal Crown Logo


An logo great for those who are related to nature, containing simplicity and at the same time elegance.

Folia Logo


A simple and energic brand great for companies dealing with electricity and powering systems.

Enycom Logo


A lovely and beautiful logo great for a milk or natural products factory, as well as for a company that is gardening.

Herbary Logo


An interesting and new logo great for a forum or blog, looking very awesome and real.

Grupzz Logo

Glorydays Design

A new and unusual brand that will highlight its owner’s company, providing a great atmosphere and awesome feelings.

Glorydays Design Logo


Schematic logo that would fit companies that involve sun, as solar batteries, being an amazing and solid logo.

Dosoneo Logo

Love Doves

A brand that will send your mind to think about love, being great for wedding companies and sites.

Love Doves Logo

Mega Fryzura

An extravagant and strange logo which shows off great the “make-up” company.

Mega Fryzura Logo


Interesting and innovative, this logo made of just white colour on a bluish background – look purely awesome.

Bazooka Logo

Can We Meet

This is a child-like but at the same time professional logotype, for a dating company.

Can We Meet Logo

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