Technique for creating a hand drawn website style

We first got into the blogging world with our website blog “We Are not Freelancers“. The site is a combo of the “Ten Pixel Method” and hand drawn characters and letters.

hand drawn font

A lot of people who we have met say they wish they could create something similar but will not because they can’t draw.

We say anyone can draw if you use a simple technique.

David gives you a quick lesson on how to create a hand drawn website using the ‘don’t lift the pencil‘ technique.

Hand drawn technique video tip

Brought to you by: From-The-Couch

Supporting Elements

There are also few more hand drawn elements within the footer and header design.

hand drawn elements

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David Perel

David Perel is the founder of South African web design company 'OBOX-Design'. He is also a co-host of the Web 2.0 Show 'From the Couch' and designer/author of the blog 'We Are not Freelancers'. David enjoys giving his opinion on anything happening on the web and is often not shy of speaking his mind online.

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