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Rogue Dolls

With a calming air and nice arrangement, this blog is surely a place where you will get pleasure from it.

Myself DSK

A site that puts a great problem in front of you without destroying the mood around it, creating a great space for thinking on the problem.


An original portfolio that presents the old things in a new and unusual way, delivering at the same time his message easily.

Purple Pixel Studio

Simple, yet with style, this site groups all the information on it in a readable way, accomplishing the visitor’s wish.

Why Interactive

Impressive and unusual, this site finds out a new way to entertain it’s visitors while they learn more about them.

Haunted Cat House

A lively and expressive website that attracts its visitors with this unique and beautiful layout and illustrations.

Feature Me

A portfolio that keeps on its main creation, without trashing the visitor’s head with a lot of text.


This website has a great look and creates a serious mood that is best for assimilating it’s info.

Moods of Norway

An original and interactive site that motivates the visitors to become a fan of it in order to unlock a new adorable song!

Get Ship Rocked

Get Ship Rocket

A stunning site that creates an appropriate mood for travelling and parties, impressing with it’s beautiful background and feeling.

Andres Gallo

A very interesting site that “points” the most useful things for you, creating a feeling of the author’s presence.

Marco Deliso

A beautiful and original website that uses a combination of green colours to create a powerful contrast that underlines the most important things

Graystone Inc

By providing the visitor a interesting way of browsing through the website, this site is a way of combining the boring info with funny actions.

Gardener & Marks

A mainly monochromatic website, but thanks of it’s amazing way of presenting the information it surely can be named one of the best.


Here you are encountered by a burst of energy and feeling, having in front of you an awesome site with an amazing look.

Franchise Studios Inc

A site that points out to its visitor a new and fresh look over the design process, attracting and keeping him interested.

Joshua One Six

A nice-looking website that puts all the useful info in front of you, helping in a better understanding of its message.

Creative Board

Inspiring website that uses a free and easy way to communicate with its visitors, having an attractive and happy look.

Sandalias XTR

Having a background that inserts the visitor in a new and appropriate mood for understanding a lot easier the information, the website looks nice and creates a great feeling.

Night Owl Interactive

Simple structured and having a short text that makes the visitor to understand what’s the deal with this site.

Real Web Design

With a interesting idea and nice look, this website is a beautiful creation combined with a handy way of presenting the information.

Identity With Held

A friendly site that has a original theme, impressing it’s visitors and making them understand their real power in design.

Shady Mcgrady‘s

Simulating a bar, this website induces it’s visitors in their favourite world and helps them relaxing a bit.

Who Invented

A website that presents a lot of interesting information combined with a interesting look to create a exceptional mood great for new inventions!

Essaouira Pub

Having a slight air of old times, this site makes a beautiful feeling for those who are visiting it.

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