10 Top Productivity Hacks for Designers


Designers, just like any other creative professionals, just cannot keep working mechanically. They need to be at the peak of their physical and mental state in order to deliver quality output. So, here are a few hacks that should help the designers improve their efficiency as well as the quality of their work.

1. Take Ample Breaks

In order to do your best, you need to be physically fit. So, do not overstretch yourself. Take care of yourself by taking ample breaks.

2. Eat small meals


A heavy meal makes one lethargic and sleepy. It is not ideal for any kind of work. If you must eat a hearty meal, do it at the end of the day. Otherwise, break down your meals into smaller portions to be taken several times throughout the day.

3. Exercise Daily


Some exercise always helps. If you are not a gym person at least take some time out for a walk every evening. It will refresh your body and mind and help you refocus on your work. Yoga or meditation might help too, but you need to find a good teacher for this purpose.

4. Break down the Tasks


Do not just look at the final outcome of a large project, break down your work into smaller parts and categorize them in terms of importance and priority. This way you will have a clearer picture of what is to be done and when.

5. Delegate repetitive work

You do not have to do everything yourself. If you are getting good returns for a major project, the best way is to delegate boring and repetitive works to others and focus on what you do best, i.e. the creative parts where your inputs matter the most. The previous step of breaking down the task will also help you in this regard.

6. Find online resources for the basics


There are many interesting online services that can provide quick solutions to various problems. For instance, nowadays you can find suitable fonts, graphics, and background templates for all purposes online and many of them are even free. Use them to save your time and build upon them.

7. Turn off the Wi-Fi


Yes, in this day and age, the internet can be your biggest ally as well as your biggest enemy. Most of us habitually keep checking Facebook, Twitter and various news sites, wasting valuable hours every day. It will be better you turn off that connection for some time and reward yourself with an hour of surfing only if you finish your task on time.

8. Use Technology to measure efficiency

Nowadays there are many innovative smartphone apps that tell you how efficient you are. They keep track of how much time you are spending on various websites and give you reminders. Find something that suits you and use the same to measure and improve your efficiency.

9. Find a Hobby


As counterintuitive as it may sound, a hobby can be of great help. It helps for you to engage in something else other than your work. This refreshes your brain cells and sharpens the mind. So, do not just watch TV during your leisure time. Play with the Rubik cube or read a book that enhances your knowledge.

10. Use Social Media Productively


If there is a problem, do not hesitate to ask for help. In this day and social media can be your most important ally here. Join relevant interest groups to ask queries and get advice from experts in your field. This can also be a great place to build rapport and find collaborators from the comforts of your home. Spend some time to learn how to use social media effectively for work.

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