9 Web Hosting Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

If you’re ready to move off Blogger and onto a web hosting service, you’ve probably got a lot of other things on your plate as well. The world of web hosting can be complex and confusing, but we’re looking out for you.

We know you want a simple solution tailored to your needs, and with great support services. We all do. But great web hosting is really different for every client.

We’ve done the research and found nine scenarios that are either red flags, or should be avoided altogether.

The One-Trick Pony

Before moving forward, companies must decide what they expect their website to be capable of accomplishing. By creating a list of essential criteria necessary for launch and growth, a road map of expectation outlines accountability for everyone. If a company can’t provide you with a clear plan, be prepared for a bumpy ride.

One Size Fits All

Credible web host companies allow customers to upgrade, downgrade and add or remove services quickly upon request. If a provider has strict rules and is slow to move, they are likely under-performing or don’t know how to best optimize their services.

You Get What You Pay For

If a hosting company’s website contains claims that are too good to be true – such as “free, unlimited web 261hosting” – that means it’s loaded with advertising jargon that could be misleading. Unlimited web hosting can be a reality; however, to maintain reputation and control, customers should purchase dedicated hosting. If you have a small- to medium-sized business, affordable shared plans are often available.

Trusting Joe Schmoe

Just because the guys you play golf with are happy with their hosting, doesn’t mean it will work for you. Skeptically peruse online testimonials and engage in extensive comparison shopping.

Don’t Forget The Fine Print

Have a knowledgeable member of your team take the time to systematically break down hosting provider services. Read the terms of service and the features of graphic design packages to avoid hidden limitations that may appear in the long run.

Being Charged Out The Nose

Web hosting payment plans are not complicated. Hosting is essentially a fixed-rate expense, so high variable costs are a red flag. If rates wildly fluctuate, cut the provider loose.

Rusty Bandwidth

Having enough bandwidth ensures life and utility for your site. If your web performance bottlenecks during heavy traffic, your users will be dissatisfied and leave. Often, they will not return, and will communicate to others their reason for not coming back. Site performance can be critical to your success, so make sure your host is reliable.

Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen

Trust those who are professionals in their trade. Work with a web company that specializes in web hosting. The company that sold you a domain is not necessarily well-versed in web hosting. Instead, find one that exclusively offers hosting services.

Support Goes Out Of The Window

When you submit a technical support ticket to the help desk, demand a quick response. If they can’t fix an issue quickly, then you shouldn’t be paying your web host to help you with any issues that may arise. Excellent customer service is non-negotiable.

We hope that helps. Good luck — it’s a digital jungle out there!

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